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My book 'After the Firebird' has been included into the longlist of the ''Unveil'd Photobook Award 2017''  

My book ''After the Fierbird'' has been enlisted in the list of recommended books ''Photobooks of 2017: Eva-Maria Kunz''

The nature-mystical book is the result of a 7-year project in Pskov region (Russia). 
''After the Firebird'' talks about the mystery and magic of the hidden world and the amazing discoveries that can occur in front of every body. You need only to look around carefully. 

The story has been published partially at: Critical Mess, Wobned Magazine, Art Narratives, Dodho Magazine, C41 Magzine, Edge of Humanity Magazine, F-Stop issue Wonderfull, WorkshopX, Fotografia magazine, Private, Saint Lucy, Phosmag magazine, Tonelit and LensCulture. 

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Review in English by Colin Pantall 

Review  in  Japan by  Makoto Matsuda 

The book data:
Press realise 23.08.2017
Desiginer Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Limited edition of 85 copies (numbered and signed)   
Handmade binding
Sise: 24 cm x 32 cm
48 pages + 1
37 color illustrations 
1 Firebird for the Incantation 
Inside paper: Materica Gesso 120 gr
Cover paper: Materica Gesso 250 gr
Languages: English, Russian
Self published and printed in St. Petersburg (Print Gallery) in 2017

Book fair:    Unseen Book Market 2017 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Polycopies 2017 (Paris, France)  

Book exhibition: VOLUMES Independent Art Publishing Fair 2018 ( Zurich, Switzerland)

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