Fourteen weeks of magical realism  (2012 - 2018)

  Reality of city, from my perspective, constitutes a rich material for a subjective interpretation. Any picture presents a fragmentation and reconstruction of the world. The focus of my work is a personal interpretation of Mexican cities historically formed in the conditions of the existence of so called ''magical realism''.  I am particularly interested in the unusual relationships between Latin America cities and the nature and I use this theme as a means to  remember and interpret my own knowledge about the culture and history of Mexico. My images are an examination for the imagination and understanding of the habitat of this unusual continent.

In contrast to the ideas and concepts of the supernatural sphere so far from us, the term "natural", or inartificial , characterizes, perhaps, one of the most habitual and most often discussed ways of seeing nature in the conditions of a modern city.
In the practices of early Modern Time, "nature" was both an essence and a concept sent down to human as an ideal giving an idea of geometric and divine perfection.

In the aesthetics of the "picturesqueness" of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the nature acquired additional material dimensions. Now it is an environment in which Art, Architecture and Landscape are harmoniously combine.
Architecture and interiors in Mexico are not separable from the natural context.
The habitat here is a hybrid of natural and urban both, and the border between them practically does not exist.
Since the naturalness is conceived as a fundamental property of the Latin American space, the artistic image of nature incorporates all its main characteristics, such as: otherness, primordiality, chaos, mystery and fragmentation.
The Mexican space violates all European ideas. In a chaotic, disorderly, erratic Latin American world, the curve is absolutely dominant.

It looks like if the god and feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl is still present in that world.
The great ruler-god of Toltec people Quetzalcoatl never agreed with human sacrifice, because he loved his people and his sacrifices were only snakes, birds and butterflies.
He was the god of sedentary civilized tribes from the highlands, the inventor of the arts, writing and calendar, an expression of everything that was in the life of beautiful and pleasant.

The content of my work is related to my experience as a traveler.
It is necessary to return for a long time to the same place again and this confidence is indicated by an important criterion - repetition makes it possible to observe the environment, noting its development, activity, downturns, changes, moods at each current moment and develop my own attitude towards it.
When I fly from the Russia to México City and go to these small  Mexican towns, my perception of reality dramatically changes. All these places are
so far away from Europe in many ways. Whenever I am immersed in any of them, the European cities are going to seem to be unreal, and ethereal.
My ultimate goal is to create a personal approach to '' Realismo Mágico'' based on my personal experiences and dreams.