2010 - 2014

2015 - Group exhibition: Metenkov House Museum of Photography (Ekaterinburg, Russia) 
2014 - Finalist  You know what I’m seeing - An international photography group show, Curated by Gwen Lafage (Carte Blanche Gallery) 18 - 28.04.2014, San Francisco 
2013 - Finalist  "International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA"  

For me the ''Russian season'' is a personal project and I take the pictures from my understanding and vision of Russian nature and Russian soul. Certain illustrations of this series especially refer the viewer to Russian fairy tales and folklore. It ia also close to me, this connection of a certain abandonment, mystery and aesthetics of the snow-covered Russia. I think winter is in general a very Russian concept, a very Russian condition, and a very Russian space. 
Winter decorates our country as perhaps no any other one. Under the snow disappear countless tons of debris and road wells, bad smells and bad mood. 
''Unwashed Russia'' can became a kind of fairy -tale world. Russia is usually associated with endless white space, which dwells between natural phenomenon and metaphysical meditative whiteness. 
This is a country where politics, spiritual and cultural life are described in climatic terms such as cooling, freezing and thawing. In the love of winter is manifested a special concept of our national character: dreaming, reflection and detachment. Snow-covered space symbolizes the so beloved, typically Russian rest and sleep. 
Unfortunately, the winter in St. Petersburg is often characterised by high humidity, with wet and almost melting snow these last years. I think that it is also for me a kind of challenge - to create the perfect image of winter.