Ekaterina Vasilyeva is a Russian photographer from St. Petersburg, working at the intersection of the genre, documentary and art photography.
In most of project she explores the theme of a particular place (space, territory), it changes in the context of time and historical landmarks, environment problems, interaction with human activity, personal relationship and the myths of the place.

Published in: British Journal of Photography magazine, Landscape Stories, GUP, Phases Magazine, MUSEE Magazine, Lenta.ru, Velvet eyes magazine, Analog magazine, Float Photo Magazine, FK Magazine, Republic, Yet magazine, Russia beyond the headlines, Wobneb Magazine, Art Narratives, C41Magazine, PhotoArtMag, COLTA, PDN magazine, F-STOP, WorkshopX, Fotografia magazine, Revista OLD, Square Space Magazine, Urbanautica, LensCulture, “Loeil de la photographie” magazine, Deep sleep, Civilization and so on

For commissions, portfolio or any other request, please use the contact: vaskatia@gmail.com