Ekaterina Vasilyeva is a Russian photographer from St. Petersburg, working at the intersection of the genre, documentary and art photography. In most of project she explores the theme of a particular place (space, territory), it changes in the context of time and historical landmarks, environment problems, interaction with human activity, personal relationship and the myths of the place.

Ekaterina has won numerous awards, including being selected in The Festival Urban Layers, in The International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA, in In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival, The Focus Photography Festival and so on. 

Her dummy ''Road to Petergof '' is in Shortlist KASSEL DUMMY AWARD 2019.  

Published in: British Journal of Photography magazine,  Phases Magazine, Landscape Stories, GUP, MUSEE Magazine, Velvet eyes magazine, Lenta.ru, Analog magazine, Float Photo Magazine, FK Magazine, Republic, Yet magazine, Russia beyond the headlines, Wobneb Magazine, Art Narratives, C41Magazine, PhotoArtMag, COLTA, PDN magazine, F-STOP, WorkshopX, Fotografia magazine, Revista OLD, Square Space Magazine, Urbanautica, LensCulture, “Loeil de la photographie” magazine, Deep sleep, Civilization and so on.

contact:  vaskatia@gmail.com     /  https://www.instagram.com/room_for_ekaterina/       /     https://www.facebook.com/ekaterina.vasilyeva.14


Selected awards and exhibitions:

2021 — Solo exhibition ''Road to Petergof'' at FFTN Gallery (St. Petersburg) 13 — 23.03.2021

2021 — Group exhibition — Contemporary art center, Krasnodar, Russia / ''book Road to Petergof''

2021 — Group exhibition — Museum of Urban Sculptur, St. Petersburg, Russia / Neva. River for people, people for river

2020 — Artist in experimental online art residence, Tyumen, Russia (October — November 2020) 

2020 — Finalist The 1st PhotoVisa International Biennale of Photography / Neva. River for people, people for river  

2020 — Group exhibition ''Frequencies'' at the ''Khodynka Gallery'' Canyon Diary

2019 — Nominee International Photography Grant (Category —DOCUMENTARY) / Road to Petergof

2019 — KASSEL DUMMY AWARD 2019 Shortlist / dummy Road to Petergof

2019 — Artist in Residence program, Kronstadt, Russia (December 2019)

2018 — Group exhibition “Here I live”, The Hermitage (General Staff Building, St. Petersburg, Russia) / book After the Firebird

2018 — “SAM FAIR”, Street Art Museum (St.-Petersburg)

2018 — Group exhibition at The Kitab — India’s First Photobook Festival (21st-23rd September 2018) / book After the Firebird and Shipwrecked

2018 — Finalist “International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA” / Road to Petergof

2018 — Nomination for Unveil’d Photobook Award 2017 / After the Firebird

2017 — Finalist In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival / Road to Petergof

2017 — Solo exhibition: Neva. River for people, people for river/ 24.06 — 31.08, Alles Mogliche Gallery, Berlin

2017 — Group exhibition: Urban Layers, La Triennale di Milano, Museo Fotografia Contemporanea / Road to Petergof

2017 — Focus Photography Festival / Road to Petergof

2016 — Nominee Photography Grant (Category — OUTDOOR) / Chalk

2016 — Finalist Slideluck Prato Road to Petergof

2016 — Finalist INDIAN Photography Festival HYDERABAD Group exhibition: State Art gallery Madhapur / After the Firebird

2016 — Solo exhibition: 40 days of High and Low Tides/ 21.07 — 21.08, Art of Foto Gallery, St. Petersburg

2016 — Finalist FESTIVAL PHOTONIC MOMENTS (Slovenia) / Road to Petergof

2016 — Finalist FESTIVAL URBAN LAYERS / Road to Petergof

Group exhibition: Bitume Photofest (Lecce, Italy)

Group exhibition: Museum of Photography Photobiennale (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Group exhibition: Upho festival (Malaga, Spain)

2016 — Finalist Slideluck Naples and Trieste / After the Firebird

2016 — 50 most interesting contemporary photographers of Russia and Ukraine, Dostoevsky Photography Society, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2015 — Group exhibition: Metenkov House Museum of Photography (Ekaterinburg, Russia) / Russian season

2014 — Finalist Street Photography from Eastern Europe 8−31.07.2014 / Lublin, Poland, 31 6.09.2014/Nancy, France

2014 — Finalist You know what I’m seeing — An international photography group show, Curated by Gwen Lafage (Carte Blanche Gallery) 18 — 28.04.2014, San Francisco / Russian season

2013 — Finalist of the “Young Photography 2013 2/2 “, St. Petersburg

2013 — Finalist “International Festival of Photography PHOTOVISA” / Russian season

2013 — Finalist of the “Young Photography 2013 ½ “, St. Petersburg

2012 — Laureate “Young photographers of Russia 2012” / Konevets Island

2011 — Award of K. Bulla Fund (St.Petersburg) — 1nd place, (nomination People and Faces) / Konevets Island


Online publications:


— Velvet eyes magazine + interview  Canyon diary 

—  MUSEE Magazine Canyon diary 

— stayathome.photography/conversations/ekaterina-vasilyeva-maria-kokunova  

— the interview taken at the platform ''The Phooks'' 

— Republic Road to Petergof (rus)

2018 — 2019

 Republic Neva river (rus)

— Phases Magazine Canyon diary


— British Journal of Photography magazine Road to Petergof

— Landscape Stories Shipwrecked








Publications in print magazines: Halation Magazine Autumn 2015 (USA), 491 Magazine № 10 (USA), The Sun № 12, 2014 (USA), Jungle World 2014(Germany), Civilization № 5, 2014 (China), Civilization № 8, 2013 (China), Nevskoe vremia 2012−2015 (St.Petersburg, Russia), Foto& Video 2011 — 2013 (Moscow, Russia), Professional Photographer 2010 (UK)



Art of Foto Gallery, Bolshaya Konyushennaya 1, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Photo agency “Plainpicture”, Germany




Since 2017 Lecturer at the Fotografika (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Since 2017 Lecturer at the Lecture by Ekaterina Vasilyeva


Photographic Education:

2009−2010 A course Photojournalism of Anatoly Maltsev

2010 The city environment — Alexander Petrosyan’s course

2010−2011 Faculty of Photojournalism in the name of UA Galperin, Curator Tatiana Plotnikova

2010−2011 Online learning “Objective reality”, Curator Jörg M. Colberg

2011−2012 Nordic Photography Experience Program:

— Workshop with Arja Hyytiainen “Personal photography: from diary to fantasy”

— Workshop with Morten Andersen “Photographs, projects, books”

2011−2013 Edu­ca­tional pro­gram “Pho­tog­ra­phy As Research”, Foun­da­tion “FotoDe­par­ta­ment” Nadezhda Shereme­tova “Pho­tog­ra­phy On Limit”, Olga Dzhola “Intro­duc­tion to The­ory of Photography”, Igor Lebedev “Theory and practice of contemporary photography”