''Black Stripe: The experience of creating the «mind» maps»  presentation which took place on December 25 at NCCA St Petersburg. The project has been made during my staying at a residence in Kronshtadt in December 2019. 

book — https://ekaterinavasilyeva.ru/en/artist-book-black-stripe

To implement the project in the residence, I chose a daily long intuitive drift as a method of work. Obeying the occasion and the impulses of the territory, I explored the Kotlin Islands, and then put my routes on a Google map.
Working with the place is within the scope of my artistic interests, and I wanted to learn a new practice for me on creating mental maps of the islands themselves. 

When analyzing my feelings, I soon realized that the walk process itself dominates the photographs taken along the route, which were a kind of flash on the space studied and experienced by me, strange and often closed to eyes. 

The idea of the practice of psychogeography was partially borrowed from the French philosopher Guy Debord, the founder of psychogeographic drift. 

For situationalists, observation and documentation served to «blend urban atmospheres to create unique feelings.» The means of such an ''emotional chemistry'' was the production of cards, which became multifaceted narratives. 

This card is characterized by a subjective and unique drifting experience, and it can serve as an alternative way of reading the island. 

The project exists in the form of maps (17 maps), a set of photographs to them (135 pictures) and found objects (7 objects) that create a portrait of the island.