Дорогие друзья! 25 декабря в 19.00 приглашаю Вас на презентацию моего проекта ''Черная полоса. Опыт создания ментальных карт'' сделанного в резиденции в Кронштадте.

  Dear Friends! If you are in St. Petersburg on December 25 at 19.00 (Wednesday) I invite you to the space of NCCA (at Glinka Street 2, near the Mariinskii Theater) for the presentation of my new project «Black Stripe: The experience of creating the «mind» maps '' made during of my staying at a residence in Kronshtadt.There will be a theory, a story about the practice of my work in the residence (what, why and how…) and an exhibition that includes maps, photographs and objects.
Details could be found at the link:

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