I am glad 😊 to share the interview, taken by Ilias Lois, devoted to the project ''Canyon Diary'' and my working process over it as well. It has been published by the magazine ''Velvet Eyes''. 


How did you get to this location?
In the village of Dynamo, Leningrad Region (near St. Petersburg, Russia) there is my relatives apartment which they bought shortly before our arrival there. They were going to spend Summer there, so we were suggested to stay in it to recover my husband health after a surgery he underwent.

In one of the first walks in the village we occasionally «discovered» that very close to our house is situated an unique geological monument of nature — a canyon, whose shores turned out to be heavily «cultivated» by garages and small garden houses, littered and partially overgrown with dangerous hogweed. Its depth reaches 20 meters at some places and it apparently appeared about 10 thousand years ago when the «Swedish» glacier has retreated from the Central Europe. It was very strange for me that I did not know anything about this natural monument earlier. It happens sometimes a place is looking for and waiting for us, but not vise versa.

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