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The book data: 27.05.2019

Limited edition of 90 copies (numbered and signed)

Price: 59,00 Euros (including shipping after 15 JUNE)

Photographer and Designer Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Handmade binding

Size: 19 cm x 30 cm (book)

21 cm x 32 cm (book cover)

84 pages

67 color pictures

Inside paper: Palatina 120 gr

Cover paper: Majestic 290 gr

Languages: English + Russian

Self published and printed in St. Petersburg (Print Gallery) in 2019

Ekaterina is a Russian photographer who explores through her work the concepts of space and territory by thoroughly studying and portraying a specific place. In her project «Road to Petergof», Ekaterina researches the road from Saint Petersburg to Petergof, a stretch established by Peter the Great in 1710 to connect the newly built capital with his suburban residencies. The resulting huge architectural ensemble according to the Peter idea had to overshadow the road from Paris to Versailles. Dostoevsky called Saint — Petersburg ''the most abstract and intentional city on the entire globe''. In these images we can see the changes in the land that have happened through history, and how the interaction between people and territory is in constant evolution.