I’m Happy to announce that my project ''Neva. River for people, people for riverr'' has been selected for the International Biennale of Photography Photovisa 2020! 

Рада поделиться новостью что мой проект ''Нева. Река для людей, люди для реки'' вошел в шорт-лист International Biennale of Photography Photovisa 2020! Поздравляю всех финалистов!http://www.photovisa.ru/news/article.htm?id=342

On the one hand the attitude of people to the Neva River with each year becomes more and more aggressive and consuming. On the other hand there is no doubt that the people living in the Neva river valley love their river and instinctively want to see in the surrounding landscape not only natural resources for their physical existence, but also a source of aesthetic pleasure.  

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