2021 — in progress 

When I was five years old — my grandfather died, 

at age of  15 — my grandmother passed away. 

At 16 — my father died…  

At 43 — my husband… 

Not being faced with death straightforwardly and trying to imagine it and fell anxiety, it is necessarycomplex mental activity, planning and projecting your “I” to the future.
I think about my experiences and how difficult it is to accept that you are mortal. Maybe Unknown cannot be grasped by the known.

All our knowledge pass unknown  being  unable to see what it is.Our knowledge about the World maybe obscure the real picture of the World.Is the permanent increase by a person of this kind of knowledgeabout the World and himself to the task and the goal of Death itself, that wants tobe hidden in its secret?

1 — body as a landscape (photo)

2 — frame x-ray 

3 — coma (plastic sculpture)

4 —  urn (an object — shell in a plastic jar)

5 — letter (an object)