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Why is it a book? 

Here again, we can remember that by education I am a librarian-bibliographer and I love books very much. I like living, real books. Therefore, it is absolutely natural for me to realise a part of my projects like books. Why is it the handmade book? It is very important for me to find the original form of the book for each project, to find a binding, to feel the tactile communication with the book in the process of work. I want the viewer to receive finally alive and personal object with which the artist worked personally for him.

A very important part of the book for me is the cover. This is the face of the book. In my first book ”40 days of high and low tides” this is a manual applique. In the second book, that was a magic pen on a special paper like an imitation of a bird’s wing. In the book Shipwrecked it served a real photo, made and printed in the 40-s, referring to the true old family albums. Of course, a handmade book is a great experience that teaches patience and to overcome difficulties. To some extent, it can even soothe the nerves, which is very useful for such impulsive person like me, as this is a manual work.

I have already mentioned the tactile properties. And I want to say in more details. I always carefully select paper for photos and the cover. Basically, it is a design paper. I make trial print versions and end up choosing the right paper for me. It is necessary to mention necessarily accompanying detail to the book in the form of a gift. In the first book, it was a shell from the North Sea. In the second, a carved figure of a Firebird to call it in a way. And in the third one – the original photo of 40-s from the archive of the hero of the book.

And the last comment about binding: The first book was the most difficult for me. Not only because it was the first one, but also since the tasks were set up: the book had to be in the form of a calendar, which could be put on the table, or also hung on the wall as well. And the third book was supposed to have the shape of a raft, so the Japanese binding was very well suited it. It was also combined with a hand-drawn wave referring to me as reminding to the well-known engraving of Hokusai.